Convenience of EasyLoader


Do you regularly have to load and unload heavy goods with your delivery van? Do you want a tailgate that doesn’t block the entrance when you don’t need it? Do the inspection- and maintenance costs of a traditional, hydraulic tailgate avoid an increase of your productivity? EasyLoader is the perfect solution for you!

The name EasyLoader says it all: It is extremely user-friendly. You can easily get in/off as the tailgate is situated at the bottom of the roof. If you use the tailgate, you will operate it fully electrically. Both folding out/in only takes a few seconds. As the system is operated fully electrically (through battery or separate battery pack) it doesn’t use hydraulics. As a result, no oil or other liquid can leak, a LPK inspection is not required and hardly any maintenance is required.

An EasyLoader allows you to transport heavy goods. At the same time the loading space is still easily accessible if you for example have to grab a small package.

Since 2007 EasyLoader has already successfully installed her loading system with hundreds of satisfied users.

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Heckklappe tailgate laadklep easyloader tegen het dak

Put away under the roof, no blockade

The EasyLoader is the on-demand solution that’s available whenever you need it. It will be put away under the roof of the vehicle’s ceiling, offering easy access to the loading space when you don’t need it. It allows easy and fast loading/unloading, while you can use a loading dock or fork-lift truck for heavy goods.

If you don’t have such facilities the EasyLoader can do the heavy work for you. You will never waste your precious time anymore waiting on assistance to unload heavy goods. Thanks to its extremely low weight, the EasyLoader offers more loading capacity than traditional solutions.

Heckklappe tailgate laadklep easyloader tegen het dak roof

Maintenance friendly, easy to install

The smart, patented internal storage system and the electric drive mechanism are extremely maintenance friendly.

As the EasyLoader is stored internally the system is protected against slight traffic damage and dirt. As a result the life span of the EasyLoader is extended and both tailgate and freight remain clean.

Thanks to its modular design and the easy installation you can easily transfer your EasyLoader from one delivery van to another (same size).